A Simple Coffee Tweak That Turns My Body Into A Fat Burning Machine!

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Have you been on more than 1 diet in the last 2 years?
Are you age 30 or over and want to lose extra pounds quickly and safely?
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Does Walking to My Car Count?
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Not too much, maybe 1 glass at most
Not in the last few years
I have never dieted

I Was A Prisoner To My Own Body

Hi my name is Angie, and I am 53 years old.

I am a mother of two, who works a full time job as a social worker. 

I’ve been battling with my body my entire life. 

When it really started to stick was after my 40th birthday. 

My metabolism started to slow down tremendously. 

Before I knew it I was 243 pounds.

Severely overweight and would use food as my outlet of stress to make me feel better. 

I fell victim to my food cravings. 

Sounds familiar? Then please pay close attention now…

Like many women and mothers in my situation, I started to live my life ruled by food, depression, anguish, & absolutely no self-confidence. 

I found myself struggling with “fad diet” after “fad diet”. I’ve tried them all…

Confused and fed up with not seeing the results I wanted.

I decided to go see my family doctor…

My doctor gave me the typical medical cookie cutter response which was “eat less and exercise more”. 

I wish I could’ve seen into the future, because what had happened next became my own personal nightmare…

I was so desperate to find a solution to my problem.  

I became overly obsessive to where my health and financials were put into jeopardy.

I spent thousands of dollars on meal prep delivery services, home gym equipment.

I jumped from gym membership to gym membership as if I was playing hopscotch.

I even own all the DVD fitness classes such as P90x, Insanity, Beach Body, etc. 

I would stick with these workout plans for two weeks, then fall back to square one. 

Making me sink deeper into depression…

With Each Failure…

Eventually I had hit rock bottom…

Through my roughest patch in my life, I had physically and mentally pushed my body to its breaking point. 

My body had reached the point of pure exhaustion…

My metabolism was shutting down and my heart started to give out on me.

My health issues escalated very quickly and before I could blink.

I found myself in the back of an ambulance being rushed to the hospital.

I had suffered a minor heart attack at 51 years old!

While recovering at home after my incident, my old friend Cindy came over to check up on me.

I was amazed by how youthful, energetic and happy she looked! I barely could recognize her! 

Before she could ask me how I was, I blurted out “What have you been doing recently? You look amazing?!” 


She gave me a confused look, and I explained to her what I was asking.

After a short conversation she let me in on her “simple 10 second coffee tweak”.

Cindy started to explain to me how every morning she does her simple coffee tweak that has puts her body into fat burning mode for the rest of the day.

She explained to me how a tiny tweak to your coffee routine will ignite your metabolism more than hours of cardio and working out ever could.

She went on to explain how her coffee tweak works within the body. 

“Our bodies metabolism is made up of two parts which is “Speed” and “Efficiency”. 

75-80% of us have inherited a slow and inefficient metabolism due to evolution”.

“By doing this simple tweak to your morning coffee it can increase the Speed and Efficiency of your metabolism up to 500%“!

She finished by telling me she can eat all her favorite foods because her body would burn them up like jet fuel.

Now I’m living my dream of becoming healthy and I never have to worry about gaining weight.
And that’s why I’m so passionate about sharing this “cravings crusher hack” with you…so you can start your own amazing transformation! 😍
Yep…it all started with this quiz.
Trust me, I’m not the kind of person you’ll find taking quizzes or questionnaires online…
But I’m grateful I did, turns out this was exactly what my body and I needed.
I honestly thought this was going to be a total waste of time, but I’m glad I just told myself “what the heck” and gave it a try.
Now…tag your it! 😜
Oh, one last thing…it probably won’t work for everybody. In fact to be frank, it’s probably a waste of time for women under 35.
For the rest of us who could use a little helping hand… I recommend you click the button below or scroll up now and answer the simple 6 question quiz.
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